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Beet Strong

Beetroot Powered Multi-vitamin effervescent tablets. The wholesome goodness of Beetroot and all the essential vitamins in one simple dose. Drop one into a glass of water and enjoy. 




Take 1 Tablet Daily with Water 

    Fill your nutritional gap with our Multi-vitamin effervescent tablets that are the best form of absorption and convenient to consume on a daily basis. Never go a day without forgetting your vitamins again when you enhance your body with effervescent tablets that translate into everything your body needs for a successful day. Designed for quick dissolving with water, this tablet helps support your body for the active lifestyle and balanced diet you work so hard to maintain. With essential vitamins and minerals such as Beetroot that aid energy, bones, muscles, immune system, and digestion, anyone who needs assistance in getting their body on the right accord can do so each day with just one tablet!

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    Beet Strong