Our Story

Our brand was built on one foundational thought: that good nutrition is for everyone. For two decades we observed as major demographics around the world were excluded by big brands in the nutraceutical and supplement industries through impractical pricing, rigid stereotyping and misrepresentation of their target markets. We asked ourselves the question: why were only the needs of the few being accommodated when all human beings had the same basic nutritional requirements? And could there be a way to level the playing field and provide vital nutrition for all?  

At AKTA, we are changing this narrative for good. We strive to be relevant to human beings from all walks of life and from all around the world, regardless of their age, gender, beliefs or race. We celebrate gym-goers, health nuts and crunchy lifestyle enthusiasts as much as we support individuals who are simply trying to give their best every day. Whether you dream of winning Olympic gold, opening your own restaurant, learning to paint, completing a cross-country race or simply being the healthiest version of yourself that you can be, we have a nutrition solution that was made with you in mind.  

At our core, we want to make it easier for all people to lead healthier, happier lives, regardless of their lifestyles, achievements or goals. We've created our products with accessibility in mind, to ensure that every single person can experience the benefits of great nutrition. A healthier today for each individual is a key stepping stone to a better tomorrow for all humanity. Let’s embrace a stronger, healthier and happier future together.  

Our Team 

Deepthi Potluri Yarlagadda is more than just a North Carolina Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist - she is a passionate advocate for nutritional equality and accessibility. While she completed the majority of her formal education in the United States, her drive to ensure optimal nutrition for all was born from her experiences in India, where she completed her Masters. As part of a fateful internship at Care India, an NGO focussed on providing healthcare for women and children, Deepthi got her first opportunity to experience the nutritional needs of the general public first hand. This inspired her to set out on a journey to educate and cater to the nutritional needs of the two biggest democracies in the world today - India and the United States of America. 

Beyond her aspirations to ensure that every man, woman and child has access to the information they need to make sound nutritional decisions, Deepthi hopes to inspire young girls in underprivileged communities to look to her as example and pursue their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs. Learn more about Deepthi’s educational and professional background here.

Deepthi is supported by a global operations team in India, design team in Europe and USA. Gopal and Kiran are part of our current advisory team. Gopal is a eCommerce and Supply Chain leader with experience at Amazon, Costco, Homedepot and others. Learn more about Gopal's background (here). Kiran is a technology leader with experience at several Financial Services, Healthcare and other startup companies. Learn more about Kiran's background (here).

akta Nutrition is a brand company of Good Health International Inc, a USA, Delaware based corporation. In India, we are registered with t-hub.co and  operate under a separate, locally registered legal entity GOODHEALTHPLUS NUTRITION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED that is fully-owned by Good Health International Inc. In USA, our legal team is MetzLewis.com and in India we work with multiple regional legal and accounting service providers. 

Our Brand Identity 

Our brand identity is inspired by the five elements of life: Air-Vayu, Fire-Agni, Water-Jala, Sky-Akash, Earth-Bhumi. The 5 colors in our logo represent these 5 elements. 

akta, in Swedish means Genuine, Authentic, Pure. 

We promise to craft our entire range of nutraceuticals using only the finest and most effective ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers around the world. Wherever possible, we are committed to investing in the economies that support us by sourcing locally-produced ingredients from credible suppliers. We choose quality over quantity, which is why we purposely limit our range of products to a few that we are truly proud of and those that we believe are of the highest standard. We are inspired by the healing power of nature and vow to let our admiration for the natural world guide us as we make sustainable decisions. 


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